Union Reach

Union Reach

The Union Reach Story

Union Reach, is a member engagement mobile application that represents four years of dedicated development from 2018 to 2022.

Our vision behind Union Reach was to empower union leaders with the ability to create and manage their own personalized mobile applications, allowing them to enhance community engagement without the need for costly and time-consuming software development contracts. This groundbreaking concept led to the creation of our revolutionary “Mobile Applications as a Service” technology platform.

Union Reach offers a fully branded and customizable mobile application platform, enabling trade union leadership to configure information connections and functionality links that provide real-time access to valuable information, documents, and features for their membership. Additionally, our platform offers advanced, industry-leading mobile communications and member engagement services.

Since its inception, the Union Reach branded platform has gained immense popularity and has become the go-to solution for trade unions aiming to build and nurture informed and engaged membership communities.

At Union Reach, we are committed to continuously adding value for our Trade Union customers through a meticulous process of four annual software updates. We actively listen to our customers’ feedback to understand the most valuable enhancements that we can incorporate. Our team then analyzes and designs innovative solutions to bring these features to the platform while maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout the development and deployment phases.

Our service enables all trade unions and related associations to establish custom branded mobile applications with enterprise-level messaging capabilities for their communities and customers within a day. With no upfront capital, maintenance, or management fees, Union Reach offers a simple monthly recurring purchase, costing just pennies a day.

We take immense pride in our dedicated team, exceptional product, and ongoing commitment to innovation. Our ultimate goal is to foster the creative process to continually enhance and expand our services, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technology solutions for trade unions.

Join us on this transformative journey with the Union Reach Team.

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