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Title: IBEW Local 659 Case Study: Empowering Members with Union Reach Mobile Application

Introduction to IBEW Local 659:

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 659 is a renowned labor union representing electricians and workers in the electrical industry. Established in 1901, the union has grown to become a prominent advocate for its members’ rights, safety, and professional development. With a focus on fostering camaraderie among its members and ensuring their well-being, IBEW 659 continually seeks innovative solutions to enhance communication and engagement within the union.

The Challenge:

As the labor landscape evolved, IBEW 659 faced the challenge of improving member communication and accessibility to union services. Traditional methods of communication, such as emails and physical mail, were becoming insufficient to keep members informed about vital union updates and opportunities. The need for a modern and user-friendly communication platform was apparent to ensure efficient communication and engagement.

Introducing Union Reach Mobile Application:

To tackle the communication challenge head-on, IBEW 659 launched the Union Reach mobile application. This application was designed to provide members with a centralized and intuitive platform to access critical union information, updates, events, job opportunities, and training resources. The app’s features aimed to empower members by fostering a stronger sense of community and facilitating seamless interactions between members and union leadership.

The Impact:

The Union Reach mobile application quickly gained popularity among IBEW 659 members, significantly improving communication and engagement within the union. With real-time updates and push notifications, members stayed well-informed about union events, safety protocols, training workshops, and job opportunities. Moreover, the app enabled a two-way communication channel, allowing members to express their concerns and opinions directly to the union leadership.

In addition to enhancing communication, the app streamlined administrative processes, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens for both members and union staff. Online registration for events, training programs, and job applications became more accessible, improving overall efficiency and transparency.

A Quote from Nicole Milam, IBEW 659 Office Manager:

Nicole Milam expressed her appreciation for the Union Reach mobile application:

“The Union Reach app has revolutionized the way we interact and stay informed within our union. With instant access to updates, events, and job postings, our membership feels more connected and engaged in our community. The app has not only improved communication but also made it easier for us to take advantage of union resources and opportunities. It’s a valuable service that truly empowers us as leaders and as members.”


The Union Reach mobile application has proven to be a game-changer for IBEW Local 659, significantly enhancing communication, engagement, and administrative efficiency within the union. By adopting this innovative mobile platform, IBEW 659 has exemplified its commitment to empowering members and embracing technological advancements to meet the needs of a modern trade union. The success of the Union Reach app serves as an inspiring example for other unions seeking to strengthen their connections with members and promote the collective interests of their membership.

Case Study: Teamsters Local 483 Embracing Efficiency and Connectivity with Union Reach Mobile Application


Teamsters Local 483, a prominent labor union representing workers across various industries, faced challenges in streamlining communication and efficiently managing their member services. The need to adapt to modern technological solutions became evident as traditional methods proved inadequate for handling a large and diverse membership. In response to these challenges, the union decided to explore the use of the Union Reach mobile application as a comprehensive service to address their communication and management needs effectively.


Teamsters Local 483 had a longstanding reputation of advocating for workers’ rights and ensuring their members’ welfare. With thousands of members spread across different industries and locations, coordinating, and disseminating information efficiently posed significant challenges. Traditional communication methods, such as phone calls and email, were often slow and inefficient. Important updates, announcements, and member inquiries often got lost amidst the noise, leading to frustrations among the members and administrative staff.

Adopting Union Reach Mobile Application:

Recognizing the need for an efficient and reliable communication tool, Teamsters Local 483 decided to adopt the Union Reach mobile application. The Union Reach app offered a centralized platform where union administrators could manage member communications, track attendance, share important updates, and even conduct surveys and polls.

Key Features and Benefits:

Real-time Communication: The app enabled instant communication between the union administrators and members, facilitating quick dissemination of important news, events, and announcements.

Secure Document Sharing: The app’s secure file-sharing feature allowed members to access important documents, contracts, and resources with ease, enhancing transparency and accessibility.

Surveys and Polls: With built-in survey and polling capabilities, the union could gather feedback from members, empowering them to have a voice in decision-making processes.

Mobile Access: Union Reach’s mobile app was available on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring that members could stay connected and informed even while on the go.

Impact and Results:

The adoption of the Union Reach mobile application brought about a transformative change for Teamsters Local 483. The app’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features streamlined communication and administrative tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and member engagement. Union administrators reported a significant reduction in response times to member inquiries, leading to higher satisfaction among the members. Moreover, attendance tracking helped identify active and engaged members, enabling the union to recognize and appreciate their contributions.

Quote by Darel Hardenbrook, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 483:

“The introduction of the Union Reach mobile application has been a major update for Teamsters Local 483. We’ve embraced this technology to enhance communication and bring our members closer together. The app’s versatility in managing tasks such as member engagement and information distribution has been invaluable in strengthening our organization. Union Reach has truly transformed the way we connect with our members and work towards providing world class representation.”


By adopting the Union Reach mobile application as a comprehensive service, Teamsters Local 483 has demonstrated its commitment to embracing technology to better serve its members. The app’s features have not only enhanced communication and administrative efficiency but have also strengthened member engagement and participation. Teamsters Local 483’s successful implementation of the Union Reach app serves as a shining example of how technology can revolutionize the operations of labor unions and other membership-based organizations.


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