In this document, we will show how to use the Union Reach application to communicate and engage with your followers and members.

You are able to control the Union Reach mobile application for your members in various ways in order to communicate with your members and help deliver the great value your Union has to offer.

In this user guide, we describe how you can use the platform to send a variety of high quality messages, audio recordings and video files to your union members and also how create links to external resources that your members can access via their Union Reach application.

With Union Reach, you have complete flexibility to determine:

  • what type of message you want to send (pre-created or ad-hoc documents, audio files, text with video, photographs, etc.).
  • who you want to send it to (one person, several people in a group, several groups or everyone).
  • When you want your message sent

As you use the platform, we, at Union-Reach, encourage you to share your thoughts and wishes for service improvements with your account manager. It is our intention to develop a wide array of additional functionality for this exciting application in the coming months and years.