Union Reach

Union Reach

Transform Followers Into a Deeply Engaged Community!

Announcing Vobo! The Killer Mobile Engagement Platform.

Up To 80% of Communications Sent by
Organizations & Influencers are Never Viewed!

Only 20% Email Open Rate

Messages Lost in Spam

Younger Generation Doesn't Use Email

Competing Information on Social Media

Vobo is Like a Messaging Hotline Direct to Your Audience!

  • Dedicated Channels Connect Directly to User Groups for Instant Views

  • 80% View Rate

  • Send Text, Voice or Video to One… Some… or All Without Limit!

White Label
Branded Platform

Send MicroCasts Under Your Global Brand… or Your Regional or Local Group Brands

Multi-Tier Private-Branding for Every Organization Level in Any Combination!

Great for Unions, Non-Profits… or ANY Organization!


Multi-Tier Communications Custom Branded for Every Org Level

Send Messages from/to Any Group or
Sub-Group in Any Combination

Send to One… Some … or All Members 

National to Any Sub-Group

Sub-Group to Any Local Group

And Everything In-Between!

Don’t Email Your Content.
Vobo it!

A whole new way to communicate with your audience,
and get paid for doing it!
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