Introducing Union Reach, The Union Mobile Communications App!

Union Reach is a specially designed mobile messaging platform, created to provide unions with a state-of-the-art push notifications system.

Special Membership Benefits have also been added including a free conference call line for every union member who downloads the Union Reach mobile app. Select the tabs below to find out more about how Union Reach works for Union members and Union leaders.

Union Reach App Menu

Getting Started with Union Reach

Union Leaders, start by adding your Union group to Union Reach. Use the signup form to submit your groups information. Once payment is approved you will receive information on how to utilize the features of Union Reach. You can then direct Union members to install the Union Reach app and select your local from the list.

Once members install the app you can send push notifications with text, html content, audio messages, or video links directly to members from the control panel. Members receive the notification alerts on their device. Once they click the alert they are taken directly to the full message content.

Members can also view message history directly through the app. A member will see the most recent messages on the main page of the app. The full message history can then be viewed by clicking the messages icon in the app menu.

As the admin for a Union group you will have access to the control panel for your locals configuration of the app. From there you can manage messages and users, create messaging groups, add social media and website links, and update account information. You can also customize the app configuration with a custom logo. The logo image file should have minimum dimentions of 360px x 360px and be in a web format (jpeg, png, gif).

Union members should start by installing the Union Reach app. Download and install the app on an iPhone or Android device from the app or play store.

Open the app once installed, then click to allow notifications when prompted.

On the initial screen type your local number into the union search box and select your local from the list. You can type the full name or just the local number to search. If your local is not yet in the local list ask your union leadership to join Union Reach first (its 100% free for Unions and their membership to use!).

Complete the rest of the form then click signup. The app will then configure to the specific settings of your local union. There is also an instructional video on how to use the app once it starts.

Once the app is installed and you have allowed notifications you will be able to receive important messages sent by your Union leadership. The most recent messages sent will show up on the app home screen.

Messages – The full message history can be viewed by clicking the Messages icon from the app menu.

Audiocast – Voice message history can be viewed by clicking the Audiocast icon from the app menu.

Union Leadership – Search for upstream Union leadership groups that you want to follow.

Group Talk – The Union Reach app also features a group talk section. The group talk feature is a built-in conference line specifically for your phone number. This conference line (bridge) supports up to 200 calls simultaneously. It offers you unlimited use and it’s completely free!! Use for business, social or even personal use.

To start a conference call click the Group Talk icon from the app menu. Tell anyone who wants to join the group conversation to call the number shown in your Group Talk section. The access code for the call is your personal cell number. Tell users to enter your cell number when prompted to connect to the conversation.

Union Links – The Union Links section of the app gives you quick access to important links that your Union leadership has setup. Click the links to jump to those sites.

Awards & Discounts – The Awards & Discounts section will feature special contests that you can enter and discounts that you can take advantage of as a Union member. You will receive notification when new awards and discounts are available to Union members.

Member Benefits – The Member Benefits section will feature special group negotiated offers for huge savings. Check often for whats new.

Profile – Update your user information for the Union Reach app.