Union Reach has been working on a major upgrade to its platform over the last three months.  This upgrade involves deployment of a new web platform and new upgrades for the Apple and Android mobile users. Since early December your members have been re-registering on the new Version 2.0 platform.

We have been sending upgrade prompts to all V1.0 users roughly twice per week during this period.  We will continue to send the upgrade prompts and at the end of January we will be shutting down the V1.0 platform.

During this period if you are using the version 2.0 web platform your message ‘Title’ and ‘Notification Message’ text will be transmitted to all your addressed members regardless of the application version they are using on their mobile devices.  However the message content, that is the body text, graphics, video link or audio file, will only be fully received by those whose mobile application level is the same as the version level of the web platform you sent your message from.

We have implemented this temporary landing page so that you can choose to use either the version 1 or the version 2 platform to communicate with your members during the transition period. We recommend you use the new version 2 platform for all activity except in the case where not only ‘Title’ and ‘Notification’ but also message content delivery is critical. In that case we recommend you transmit your message on both web platform versions to be sure of complete delivery during this transition period.

NEW! Access the version 2 login here:

Union Reach V2

Access the version 1 login here:

Union Reach V1